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Anonymous said: Why is it that you go to sleep at night wondering what is your purpose for truly being here. Like who am I and where do I truly belong. A restlessness a pain so intense. Thinking no one else understands. You hide behind a smile even though you want to cry. You cope with pain by preoccupying your time. But the more you run from the issue the more it seems to run back towards you. You keep waiting and searching for that one thing to come along to fill that empty void and change the life you have

You stop, think, and ask yourself why am I trying to fill a void? The great thing about life is its constant change and nothing can stop that. Your thoughts will change, your physical appearance will change, your vision of life will change. So stop trying to fill a void because that to will change

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Anonymous said: In light of what happened in ferguson what do you think it's gonna take for us to come together as one both white and black and do you think we being multiracial have it better than others. Growing up I'm thankful to have been around a diverse group of people it has taught me tolerance for all races.

I honestly don’t know what it will take for us to all come together, and to be truly Honest I don’t think we ever will at least not in my lifetime. Now that’s a very bold statement for me to make considering I am a very optimistic person, but this is the true harsh reality. I think myself at least being bi-racial I was raised not knowing any color lines it’s what I saw. I was never taught that this color is better than that one or more superior. I was taught equality of all human beings. I grew up able to associate with so many different types of people, whether it was color, religion, or cultural differences it never mattered to me and it still doesn’t.

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I’m on it, just being creative…  #art #digitalpainting #chucks #chucktaylor

What’s up beautiful Cincinnati #ohio #cincinnati #cincy #nattie (at Downtown Riverfront Cincinnati)

Well it’s been treal Columbus Ohio I’ve seen some strange places but I’ve also seem some beautiful places as well next stop Cincinnati #columbusohio #ohio #buckeyes (at Ohio State Buckeyes Stadium)

Well it’s been treal out here in Columbus OH some interesting places and some beautiful places as well, next stop Cincinnati #columbusohio #ohio

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I love this man, he is a classic himself

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20 Heartwarming Random Acts of Kindness

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