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#TBT 10 years ago, I still look the same?

I’m burnt out 😴

Anonymous asked: Omg goodness I will do bad bad things to you like every inch of you I wanna touch you lick you feel you everything you ugghhh

Lol say what?

  -  22 April 2014

Anonymous asked: I'd like to see you put your martial arts training to the test.

Haha I would love to, it’s been a very longtime I would actually like to start training again to be honest.

  -  22 April 2014

Straight face killaaaaahhhh! 😎 Shaden’ em

Finally cut the crop #burstfade thanks to the homie @luigihe still growin out the top though #curls


Anonymous asked: Ooooo Stevie you get me so wet its not funny you are perfection

Ummmmm haha I’m not sure how to respond to that but um thank you lol

  -  15 April 2014